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I caved in and bought the cat bag… It’s a LOT yellower than I expected it to be… My thoughts on this are… Eh… Worth taking places?

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Let it go

For Lent this year, I decided to give up music.

You might say, “Well, that’s the only joy in my poor college student life. How the heck do you expect to last 40 days and nights without it?”

It wasn’t a impulsive decision.

I have been deliberating about this in the past few weeks. I usually pop in my headphones when I’m walking to my next class or when I’m on my commute to work. Totaling the amount of time that I spend listening to my kpop, I’m losing around 2 hours of time daily that I could’ve spent on self reflection or meditation. And if I add the amount of time I spend looking for music and when I’m barely getting any studying done because I’m preoccupied with the playing track… ugh.

So for this year. I am giving up music because I want to clear up my mind. No more skirting away from issues that require deliberation, no more filling up my head with hook songs that have no soul. Even though I want to shy away from it, I need to talk to myself more often. I need to become more articulate, organize my thoughts, and work on self improvement. 

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NOW I feel like an adult…

because of the cognitive dissonance that I’m experiencing due to classes being cancelled by the strike. One side of my brain is spazzing and saying YESSSS MOAR TV FOR ME and the other side is like, wait, then I’m paying more money per lecture >:O

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What the heck, I spent exactly $123.45 today.

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If I’ve learned anything from video games, it is that when you meet enemies, it means that you’re going in the right direction.

that’s really inspiring

holy fucking shit

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Someone. Please upload more music composed/performed by Yoon Sang. All of his songs are masterpieces, and it is a shame to withhold his music to other enthusiasts. Ahhhhh.

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I’m finally leaving home. After all those years of emotional roller coasters and intense drama, I’ll be stepping out into the world, with a (almost) clean slate. I’m not warming to the idea that I’ll be living with strangers, not to the mention that they are other GIRLS who have the capacity to hate and love me all the same, but I can tell it’ll be a rewarding experience. Whether or not I end this semester on a happy, melancholy, or upset note, I hope I can have a fresh, strong start to make it the finish line heroically.


the problem with money is too much of it belongs to people who aren’t me

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Babe im not grabbin ur boob im grabbin ur heart 

thats my right boob tho


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where can i buy that for free

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Someone just pointed out to me how Anne Frank and Martin Luther King JR. were both born in the same year, but most people associate them as being in complete different points in history.

This blew my mind

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The abundance of Palm trees.

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